Explorers League Network - Rules and Other Info

Below is the list of rules you are expected to know and required to follow as a member of the Explorer's League Network. All rules and policies outlined here apply to all areas of the Explorer's League Network (where applicable) unless stated otherwise.

Any violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action enforced by our staff. This will help ensure that this community remains a pleasant and friendly environment for everyone.

This list covers content and actions that are not allowed on the Explorer's League Network. By default, you only are shown a short topic of what is not allowed. However, you will be held responsible for the details under each topic. You can expand the details by clicking each topic.

Please note that while this list gives you an idea of what is expected and what will happen if these rules are broken, the staff have the final say on rule violations and disciplinary actions. As a user of our network, you will be expected to accept their decisions.


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1. General - 19/05/2016

1.1 Offensive Language - 19/05/2016

Please keep a civil tongue. Any use of Offensive Language including but not limited to Profanity, blasphemy, sexism, racism, homophobia or any type of hate speech, is strictly prohibited. 'Censoring' (e.g. replacing letters of a word with symbols) offensive language will not excuse you from this rule.

1.2 Offensive Content - 19/05/2016

Posting Offensive Content in the chat, or on a sign whether directly or by means of a web link, or building structures that depict offensive content will not be tolerated. Offensive content includes but is not limated to anything that is ethnically, racially, religiously, or sexually offensive. Also included are discussions of suicide, anything that is insulting, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, violent, invasive of a person's privacy or otherwise in violation of any law. Although different people have different ideas of wha tis offensive, the Administrators will have the final say as to what is considered offensive.

1.3 Controversial Topics - 19/05/2016

Due to their potential to cause excessively negative or disruptive discussions some topics are not allowed to be openly discussed on the server. Politics, religion, issues with staff/policy, issues with specific other players, or validity of bans are examples of such topics. Any and all such conversations should be conducted in/moved to private channels, such as /tell. Alternatively, if you feel this concerns members of staff you are encouraged to email the staff member, or the server email.

1.4 Sharing personal information - 19/05/2016

Please do not share the personal information of others such as their full name, phone number, school, place of work or personal street address (this includes links to sites including this information) without their express permission. Revealing yours or anybody else's personal information on any part of the Explorer's League Network is not suggested and if you wish to share this information with other players it is best done through private channels. ELN will not be held responsible for any consequences brought about by sharing your personal information.

1.5 Impersonating Players and/or Staff - 19/05/2016

Do not pretend to be someone you are not especially a member of staff. Do not make statements that could imply to others that you are a member of Staff such as 'I'm OP' as this may lead to misunderstandings.

1.6 Misuse of commands - 19/05/2016

Do not abuse/spam (if available) any public commands, emojis or markup.

1.7 Non-English Languages - 19/05/2016

Explorer's League is an English language network and the Staff are predominantly native English speakers. For this reason the use of other languages to communicate in any part of the network is prohibited.

1.8 Offensive player Skins - 19/05/2016

Players using a skin depicting Offensive Content (see rule 1.1 and 1.2) such as breasts or genitalia will be asked to change to a more appropriate skin, if when asked they fail or refuse to do so they may be banned from the server until such time that they are confirmed to have changed to an appropriate skin.

1.9 Modified/Hacked/Cracked Clients - 19/05/2016

Players using modifications to change gameplay may be asked to stop, kicked, or banned with little or no warning depending on the severity of the situation. This includes but is not limited to: noclip, invincibility, speed modification, X-ray/ore-detection, flying, auto/afk-clickers, and duping hacks. Mods that help stabilize the user experience (specifically Optifine) are allowed.

We have a zero tolerance policy toward cracked clients, if you are found to be using one you will be immediately banned, if you are found to have used one in the past you will be subject to scrutiny.

1.10 Account Sharing - 19/05/2016

  • You are responsible for any and all activity on your account, whether it is actually you or not, so avoid sharing your account details and password with anyone, doing so may get you banned if someone else breaks a rule while using your account.
  • Any member found to be sharing their account with a banned user will also be banned from the server permanently.
  • If you are banned from the server, any other accounts you are known to/suspected to use will also be banned.
  • If you are found to be using an illegitimate account it will be immediately and permanently banned from the server.

1.11 Insults and Attacks - 19/05/2016

Do not make insulting or attacking comments about other people. This is known as 'flaming' and will not be tolerated. If someone is insulting you or another user or saying things that you find offensive or that make you uncomfortable, do not respond by 'retaliating' and returning insults. Instead, report the user to the Staff and we will take care of the situation. Any user participating in 'flaming' may have their access to the server and/or the chat system blocked, regardless of who started it.

1.12 Spam - 19/05/2016

Spam consists of but is not limited to:
  • Advertising (of other servers, websites, etc).
  • Roleplaying in open chat.
  • Trolling.
  • Demanding Staff/OP status.
  • Posting in FULL CAPS.
  • Intentional repetition/over use of words, characters, symbols, numbers or phrases for attention or to harass others.
  • Intentionally causing your own death multiple times in a short time period (Death Spam).
Doing any of these in the server will be treated as spamming and may result in a ban, joining the server and immediately spamming will result in a permanent and no negotiable ban.

1.13 Asking for special treatment - 19/05/2016

Players are not to ask staff to:
  • Teleport a player.
  • Change the weather.
  • Change the time.
  • Use a gamemode other than survival or adventure to assist a non-staff player.
  • Change a player's gamemode.
Note: Staff are not to do these things whether asked to by a player or not.

2. Player Interactions - 19/05/2016

2.1 Theft - 19/05/2016

Players should not take any item that is viewed to be owned by another player, without their express permission. Examples of items viewed to be owned by a player include:

1. The blocks any of their structures are made of.
2. Items stored in any of their structures.
3. Drops from mobs which are viewed to be owned by a player.

2.2 Griefing - 19/05/2016

Any kind of griefing in the server will not be tolerated and any player found to have griefed or be planning to grief will be subject to harsh judgement from the staff. Examples of griefing include:
  • Destroying any blocks placed by other players without their consent.
  • Placing blocks or leaving inappropriate signs on other player's structures.
  • Flooding structures.
  • Spamming items.
  • Destroying crops without replanting.

2.3 Killing Players - 19/05/2016

To promote a friendly and cooperative community on the server the ability to directly engage in combat with other players also known as PvP(Player versus Player) has been disabled. In line with this view, players are to avoid any action that may kill another player, such as trapping them under water, or leading mobs to attack them.

2.4 Killing owned mobs - 19/05/2016

Unless a player has given you specific permission/instruction to kill or release a mob that they own, killing or releasing another player's mob(s) will be seen as a malicious act and an act of griefing.

Mobs are deemed to be owned if they:
  • Have been named with a name tag.
  • Are in a clearly marked and enclosed area, e.g mobs contained in a fenced/walled off area.
  • Are being ridden by a player (in the case of Horses and Pigs).
  • Have been prevented from causing damage to players (in the case of hostile mobs).
  • Are are attached to leads.
  • Are clearly being farmed by another player.

3. Building & Structures - 19/05/2016

3.1 Building in the No Builds Area - 19/05/2016

The 'No Builds Area' constitutes an area of 2000 blocks centred around the central point of spawn (X: 1000, Z:1000), to exit this area at least one of your coordinates must exceed the following positions: (North) Z: -1000, (South) Z: 3000, (East) X: 3000 and/or (West) X: -1000. To view your current coordinate press F3, or Fn + F3 for some users.

Players are not to build any permanent structures within this area, any structures found here will be removed along with all of their contents by staff with little or no warning to the owner.

Note: This rule is currently not enforced in the Nether. In the End the area consists of a 1000 block radius centered at coordinates X:0 Z:0, though temporary structures to fight the Ender Dragon will be tolerated.

3.2 Low quality structures - 19/05/2016

We hope to have only the highest quality builds in the server, however this isn't always the case. For this reason certain structures deemed to be of 'very low quality' may be subject to removal by staff or requested to be improved if the creator is available (If the build is not improved after this request it will be removed without mercy). Examples of 'very low quality' structures include: Builds made entirely of Cobblestone, Dirt, Netherrack, etc., one block wide 'poles', builds with little to no detailing (i.e a solid wooden box), and builds that have been incomplete and/or abandoned for some time.

3.3 Scaffolding - 19/05/2016

Any 'scaffolding' around a build to assist with its creation should be removed as soon as the build is completed or the scaffolding is no longer necessary.

3.4 Encroaching on other players land - 19/05/2016

Please avoid building (without prior permission) any bases or other structures close to already established players.

If you find yourself building close to a pre-existing project and the owner(s) do not wish to amalgamate your projects, please expand in directions that do not come into conflict with them. Exhaust all available unopposed routes before expanding near already established players. If you must expand in the vicinity of other players, speak with them first and see if they are willing to participate in your project. Leave signs or /tell them in chat. If you are unable to come to an agreement, contact the staff for assistance and we will resolve the dispute(s) in a manner we deem appropriate.

3.5 Improperly placed Experience farms - 19/05/2016

(In reference to rule 4.1) Players should ensure that any kind of Experience farm which uses the spawning of large amounts of mobs as its source of experience are built away from areas where they could be unintentionally activated. Players should also ensure that they have a way to prevent mobs from spawning in Experience farms when they are not in use, such as (in reference to rule 3.6) a toggleable lighting system that will prevent mobs from spawning in the farm.

3.6 Improperly lit structures - 19/05/2016

To avoid excessive amounts of mobs spawning in and on their structures, Players should ensure that the interiors and exteriors of any structures they make are properly lit.

4. Server Performance - 19/05/2016

4.1 Causing lag - 19/05/2016

Anything in the server that is viewed to be causing lag may be reduced, disabled or otherwise removed at the discretion of staff. Flying mechanisms, duping machines, and 0-tick farms are not allowed for any reason.

Examples of things that may cause lag include:
  • Excessive amounts of entities in a small area, including farmed mobs, paintings, dropped items, 0-tick farms, harvest/flying mechanisms, hostile mobs in XP farms, etc.
  • Large and/or poorly lit redstone mechanisms.

4.2 Exploiting Features, Loopholes or Glitches - 19/05/2016

Due to to the nature of running a server, there will always be certain aspects that are beyond our control, in most instances these will be harmless, but in some cases they can be extremely detrimental. For this reason, any player found to be exploiting loopholes in our rules or glitches (whether they be specific to the server or in the general Minecraft programming) will be subject to harsh retribution by the staff.

Doing any of the following will be seen a malicious attempt to exploit the server's Features, Loopholes or Glitches of the server:
  • Asking for a book and quill upon entry into the server.
  • Attempting to deceive staff and players by claiming you are from Planet Minecraft (Note: Even legitimate PMC representatives will receive no special treatment).
  • Asking in any way (in reference to rule 2.2) for access to OP commands to change or modify the operation of the server. Such requests are highly suspect and will be seen as aggressive.
  • Immediately spawning into the server and beginning to place signs.

and will result in your immediate and permanent expulsion from the server.

Ban Policy

We operate a strict and non-negotiable three strike system. If you break any server rules and/or cause trouble that at the discretion of server staff is deemed to warrant the use of the strike system, then the procedure we use is as follows:

  • Your FIRST strike will be a warning in open chat about any rule(s) you may be breaking. The number of warnings you receive is left entirely to the discretion of the member of staff issuing the warning(s).
  • Your SECOND strike will be a kick from the server with a reason given following any verbal warning(s) you may have been given. This stage is not a ban and you are welcome to re-enter the server if you will abide by the rules laid down here and discontinue your actions.
  • Your THIRD and FINAL strike, after failure to further comply with the server rules will see you banned from the server. All bans are seen as permanent and will only be lifted if the banned player successfully appeals their ban. If you are banned, details on how to appeal will be issued to you along with the reason for your ban.

Depending on the severity of any rule breaking, we reserve the right to circumvent the first and or second strikes in order to bring it to a swift end.

In relation to the first strike, if a player is absent from the server when their rule breaking is discovered, a written warning may be left at their base, this will be seen as following the first strike.

When appealing a ban, please note that severe cases may not warrant the lift of a ban. The lifting of bans is done entirely at the discretion of the Administrators, and conditions may be imposed if a ban is lifted. When appealing, email a clear concise request stating the reason you were banned (please note that server staff will keep their own records detailing player bans and reasons), why you wish to re-enter and if you will comply with server rules. Again, if we do enable you to re-enter the server, conditions may be imposed if a ban is lifted. This is non-negotiable!

If you are banned under one account you cannot play on other accounts on the server while the ban is still in effect. If you are caught playing on alternative accounts while your main account is banned will result in your alternative accounts being permanently banned.


We reserve the full right to make any amendment to the rules we deem necessary at any given time. This can be done without warning, however if it is in response to a situation within the server notification will be given at that point in time of an update to server rules. Major adjustments to the rules and the enforcement of entirely new rules will be communicated on our website by the Head Administrator. To summarise, this rules list cannot possibly hope to cover all instances of behaviour that is detrimental to the Explorer's League Network, thus the staff reserve the right to warn, kick, or ban players deemed to be detrimental, as well as the right to form new rules or modify existing rules when needed.

We reserve the right to reset player data as needed. As an example, this includes but is not limited to, the removal of all or specific items from player's inventory.

Updates to the End, Nether and Overworld may occur at any time and without warning. By playing on this server you are giving your consent to this fact and accept it. In most cases we will always attempt to warn players prior to updates, but in rare circumstances this may not be possible. It is the first available Administrator's decision as to whether compensation should be given through loss of items due to immediate and unannounced server updates.

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