The Story of Explorer's League

The server, then simply titled Vanilla MC Server was created in the early months of 2013. It was conceived as a sandbox experiment for the personal entertainment and skill development of The Illusive Man.

Being hosted on The Illusive man's personal 2008 gaming laptop, the server was plagued by lag and often crashed outright, this led him to consider hosting the server on a professional hosting service, but due to financial constraints this was not viable at the time.

In its earliest incarnation the server allowed PvP, these were dark time for many players as there were no staff to keep players in check, and so griefers were free to do as they pleased, pillaging and murdering throughout the server. After using the server as inspiration for College projects in Web Development and Programming, and seeing the plight of its players, The Illusive man resolved to reinvigorate the server, disabling PvP in favour of a more PvE oriented player base and keeping the gameplay vanilla for its popularity and often dedicated players, and so Explorer's League Vanilla was born.

With these changes in place the server flourished and its community grew rapidly, this didn't come without its share of hardships however, the lag continued to plague the server and this with its expanded community, hosting the server became a much more attractive option. Before the server could be uploaded however the server software came to a halt, crashing, and corrupting much of its contents. At this point the server and its community faced an abrupt end.

The corruption of the server led The Illusive man to upgrade to the professional hosting service Hosthorde. A new world was created, as much of the previous world was beyond retrieval, though some of its structures were retrieved and added to the new world through use of external applications. The loss of the old world and its players' progress naturally angered many, but new players soon joined and became as dedicated as the server previous residents.

As time went on The Illusive Man's interest in running the server waned, and so he recruited many of the regulars as OPs, secretly hoping that they would abuse their power and bring the server to an end. To his surprise the majority of the new OPs rallied together to police the server and any that abused their position were quickly and democratically removed from power. Several of the original OPs remain staff to this day.

Many have come and gone since then, and the staff and community have continued to grow and evolve. We hope that whether a regular or new player, or even someone who has never played on the server, that your experience with Explorer's League is a pleasant one!